Review: Miss Julie

Starring: Jessica Chastaine, Colin Farrell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you don’t enjoy watching plays in the theater you most likely will not enjoy this very much and I wouldn’t be likely to recommend it for you. However, if you do enjoy theater then you will enjoy this movie too. It is based on a play and has only three cast members throughout the entire movie so you really do often have a feeling of watching a very intimate play. Personally, I loved this…watching this felt like I was doing something really wrong. Yes I know that sounds really odd but it’s also really great!

Miss Julie is one of those stories where you feel like a voyeur watching something you know you really shouldn’t be watching but you just can’t help continuing to look on as things become more twisted, dysfunctional, and complicated. I vacillated between sympathy and disgust for each of the two main characters which means Jessica Chastain & Colin Farrell both did an exceptional job drawing me into their stories and making me feel emotionally invested. Both were so very convincing and went through such a wildly turbulent range of emotions that I really felt like I went on that wild ride with them.

I was particularly impressed with Colin Farrell in this role. Too often he doesn’t get a role that really shows what he’s capable of; Jessica Chastain has been far more fortunate with the roles she has had.  This time Farrell really gets to cut loose. At times you truly feel emotions that are just barely restrained.  That’s not to say that Chastine didn’t have her brilliant moments too, she absolutely did. The desperation she portrayed was palpable and disturbing, exactly as it should be.

If you are someone who can appreciate the complicated intricacies of a highly dysfunctional relationship between the classes and a love triangle then I really recommend this movie for you.


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