Review: Acheron

Acheron (Dark-Hunter, #8; Entire Dark-Hunterverse, #15; Dark-Hunterverse, #23)Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Admittedly I rarely ever give 5 star reviews but it’s a pleasure to make “Acheron” a exception; I love that I’m giving this one full five!

I had read one of Ms. Kenyon’s books years ago and thought it was alright but didn’t find it particularly memorable (forget which one I had read now) but after perusing her titles again recently I decided to give this one a go…and am I ever glad I did! It drew me in immediately and kept me there..I couldn’t put it down! I flew through the 768 pages.

I will admit after reading the summary for this story that there were a few times when I wondered if they put the wrong summary on the book. Why? I was over half way through the book and we hadn’t come to modern day yet which from reading the summary I sort of assumed was the time in which this story took place but I was mistaken, kind of. I was so drawn in by the back story of Acheron Parthenopaus and getting to understand this character that I was spell-bound.

To me his back-story was the real story here. Yes, the love story was a fun part of it (this is a romance novel after all) but the betrayals he continually endured, the abuse and shame forced upon him really had me hating other characters in this book on his behalf; you don’t get more emotionally invested in a character than I did! Even though I hated to read about everything he endured…I didn’t want it to end. How twisted of me is that?

When I purchased “Acheron” I noticed that Mrs. Kenyon had another book to be released called “Styxx”. Styxx is Acheron’s brother, after reading about Acheron I simply could not fathom how she could possibly manage to make Styxx into someone I wouldn’t hate. Naturally, I had to read it next!

If you enjoy romance novels and haven’t yet read this book, get it! If you haven’t read any of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s books yet…I encourage you to start with this one. Her books don’t have to be read in order and this is a great place to start!!! Off to read “Styxx” now.

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