Review: Poison Princess – Arcana Chronicles

Poison Princess (The Arcana Chronicles, #1)Poison Princess by Kresley Cole
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Poison Princess is the first book of the Arcana Chronicles, the Young Adult series written by Kresley Cole. I have long been a fan of Mrs. Cole’s writing. Her Immortals After Dark series is one of my favorites; her characters are such fun to learn about and follow. This book has certainly been no exception.

Normally I’m not very enthused about reading stories set in an apocalyptic setting but having read Mrs. Cole’s Immortals After Dark series I knew I enjoyed her writing, I knew how intriguing she could make her characters; once again she didn’t disappoint.

Evie (Evangeline) a sixteen year old Louisiana native has always felt like an outsider and is far more familiar with the inner workings of a mental asylum than Friday night high school football games, parties, and flirting with the boys as most girls her age are. Evie knows things, she sees things…even though she doesn’t want to and she knows her grandmother tried to pass down information to her that her mother has kept hidden from her…..and then…..

The Apocalypse! Everything in Evie’s world is turned upside down in a flash! A literal…flash!

Jack Deveraux is a Cajun from the wrong side of the bayou. Bad reputation, trouble with the law, heart of gold…and he is drawn to Evie! Taking on the role of protector for Evie and her mother until tragedy strikes and they are forced to abandon the only home she has ever known with unexpected danger around every bend.

Throughout this story Evie learns shocking things about herself…and others. Who can she trust? Can she even trust herself? It’s a read you won’t want to put down once you start it. I went through it from beginning to end in one sitting!

This is the type of story I really love. The characters have such depth, such real traits. They aren’t perfect, that’s why I find them so believable. The story Mrs. Cole weaves in this Apocalyptic setting is really clever too, it’s not one I’ve ever seen before. No vampires, no werewolves…but really unique characters.

This is a book I would have absolutely loved reading when I was young, heck…I loved reading it as an adult and would happily recommend it to young adults as well.

If you are looking for something that doesn’t fit into the typical young adult genre’s of were-creatures, vampires, and witches check out the Arcana Chronicles, I think you’ll be glad you did.

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8 Responses to Review: Poison Princess – Arcana Chronicles

  1. beckycaverly says:

    I like your review style, Anita. Very authentic :). Would love to feature your reviews in our weekly curated email digest that goes out to thousands of people.


  2. I’m with you, apocalypse books have to be really good for me to be interested, so many of them could blur into one. This one sounds great though!


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