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Lothaire (Immortals After Dark, #12)Lothaire by Kresley Cole
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I have become a huge fan of Kresley Cole’s writing since I discovered her books, she has such a wonderful way of making her characters fun, interesting, and just quirky enough to be really relatable too. Ok, I admit it I’m not just a fan of her writing…I’m truly addicted to the Immortals after Dark Series, it’s a guilty pleasure. There…I’ve said it! I’ve gotten that out of my system. Is there a support group?

Ellie Peirce is a completely endearing and loveable character! She’s full of spirit and certainly not afraid to say what’s on her mind; even better…she knows just how to skirt the rules when a certain self-centered, megalomaniacal vampire tries to use her body (and not in a fun way) to attain his long-dead heart’s desire. Pairing this totally loveable down-to-earth Virginia trailer-trash up with an arrogant aristocratic stuffed shirt like Lothaire was pure genius making for plenty of truly laugh out loud moments, especially once Ellie meets her soon to be bestie…Mariketta the Awaited, who would be an absolute treasure to take anywhere! Then Nucking Futz Nix and her bat Bertyle get involved. Yes, I said bat. Nix has a pet bat named Bertyle who goes with her everywhere and is probably more coherent than Nix any day of the week.

Poor Ellie has been nearly driven to the point of insanity; well, at least she thinks she’s insane…or possessed. Possessed would at least mean she wasn’t wholly responsible for committing truly horrendous acts, acts that she doesn’t remember at all; acts that have landed her on Death Row mere days from execution. Ellie is fine with being on Death Row after what’s happened, she welcomes death. Death is her chance to escape the voices in her head once and for all and know those she loves who still live are finally going to be safe. Or are they? Not if Lothaire has anything to do with it…and he does!

Lothaire has a plan and it definitely involves Ellie. Does he care what happens to her? Of course not! She’s expendable, just a means to an end…a temporary meat-suit. The Enemy of Old intends to use this innocent girl to seize the Horde’s crown for himself. Ellie’s hopes of finally escaping into the oblivion of death simply won’t work for him and Ellie finds herself snatched out of the frying pan and plopped right into the middle of the fire…with the red-eyed vampire Lothaire.

“Lothaire”, is a hugely fun read! It’s everything I enjoy in a book that I read for fun. It’s entertaining, the characters are really well developed, and there are great plot twists too. It’s simply one of those “I’m not putting this book down and if you interrupt me while I’m reading it again I’m going to hit you with it” books. Yes, I have actually uttered that phrase a time or two…I told you I need a support group!

One of the great things about this series too is that you can pick up any of the books and start reading, you don’t have to read in order. If you haven’t yet read any of this series…get “Lothaire”!

Now for a bit I haven’t really talked about before, the audio-book version. I enjoyed this book so much that I decided to check out the audio book as well and WOW! I discovered another absolute must listen to performer for audio books. Seriously! You have got to check out this guy’s work!

Robert Petkoff is the performer who reads all of Kresley Cole’s Immortals after Dark books. Rarely will you see me gush over a performer reading books but this guy is AMAZING! How many performers have you listened to who read women’s parts and you totally forget it’s a man reading?! Petkoff has a true gift for reading each character and giving them the perfect voice, accent, attitude…you forget you are listening to one person. I honestly found myself just as engrossed listening to the book as I was reading it. Rarely do I find a reader that actually outshines what I had in my minds-eye…Petkoff did.

If you enjoy a fun (somewhat steamy, ok….really steamy) unusual romance, I really recommend this book and it won’t matter if you choose to read it yourself or listen to it. Either format you choose you will love!

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