Review: Air Bound (A Sea Haven Novel)

Air Bound (Sea Haven/Sisters of the Heart, #3)Air Bound by Christine Feehan
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Sadly, for me, this is another one of Ms. Feehan’s novel that rambles on and on and on….and as I write this sentence… I have only made it to the end of chapter 2! Rest assured though that I am not going to write this whole thing having only read that far, the rest of this review is written after completing the book.

Normally, I really love Ms. Feehan’s writing but lately it seems she is getting too bogged down in unnecessary detail and overly sappy dialogue that comes across to this reader as endlessly repetitive; this has been an issue in her Dark Hunter series as well. I hate saying this but it felt to me as though Ms. Feehan was simply trying to make word-count for the book, not writing a genuinely well-crafted story and that makes me sad for this author as I am genuinely a fan of her past work.

I understand the premise of how the author has worked the elements of air, fire, water, earth into the characters of this series and how a bond is created between like elements in the stories; I’m just simply not buying how quickly things happened between the two main characters in this book. Airiana Ridell honestly came across to me more as a victim of Stockholm syndrome rather than a woman who truly fell in love with her kidnapper/rescuer…Maxim Prakenskii. I can easily buy an intense physical attraction, but love….eh, not so much. Not in that short of a time-frame.

The book did pick up a bit for me in the middle once they were on the ship; the human trafficking element did help the story but as soon as they got back to relative safety at the resort the sappiness revved right up to a nauseating degree and I found myself skipping over chunks of needless dialogue.

The main issue I had towards the end of the book, aside from the sappy dialogue, was repetition of the dialogue itself. Honestly, I can handle a certain amount of saccharine sweet sappiness; what I absolutely hate is repetition and that’s what I noticed in this book, particularly with the sappiness. It crossed the line from sweet dialogue between lovers to nails on a chalkboard. I felt as a reader that I was being beaten over the head with it and detracted from what really could have been a great story instead of an okay one.

I hate writing bad or blah reviews for a writer, especially when I have been a fan for so long but I also feel I need to be honest about what I think and this book was really lacking. It had great potential…there were many directions this story could go, many avenues that could have been explored with all the characters but Ms. Feehan just didn’t take advantage of it. Ugh! I hate writing these! When I wish I could give Ms. Feehan a 3 star rating for this book (honestly, I wish I could give higher)…this only gets 2 stars from me.

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