Review: World of Archangels

World of Archangels
World of Archangels by Sufian Chaudhary
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I first read this book over a year ago and I am still finding myself going back to it to re read portions again and again and pondering them. I came across World of Archangels as a free book offered for my Kindle. At that time I had just started hesitantly embarking on a path of spirituality (if you want to call it that), a path of questioning and understanding….who I am at my core, why am I the way I am? I’ll be honest, I read it with a grain of salt at first, I was quite skeptical.

I have never been someone who believes in “religion”, in fact honestly…I still want nothing to do with it at all but being spiritual does not mean you have to be “religious”….and this is something I have come to learn over the last few years as I have discovered who I am and my purpose here. I feel this book goes along with my views very well too.

I’ve noticed some have criticized this book as being too Judeo/Christian in belief but I disagree. It’s a book about spirituality and believe me, I can be a bit hypersensitive if I think someone is pushing Judeo/Christian beliefs on me because those beliefs have never fit well for me personally. Spirituality to me means you accept there is something more…something else that we are all a part of in some way; it doesn’t have to mean that there’s one single divine entity in charge of it all but that’s a discussion for another time. Spirituality includes nature, all animal forms (including us of course), and the limitless universe around our floating blue/green planet.

So while reading this book I eventually got to the part where he talked about meeting Uriel and my initial reaction was “uh huh, sure!” (insert eye-roll here). At least that was my reaction until I actually read the whole book and attempted some of the meditations for myself (granted I am a fledgling at meditating). I had my own very personal reactions and experiences that I didn’t expect. Did I too meet Uriel…uh, no, but I can definitely say without discussing my own experiences in detail I was affected…deeply. I imagine a couple of my friends probably wanted to shut me up when I sent them texts saying “you have got to try this!”….just so I could hear what happened for them too. If you knew me, you’d know I just don’t do that very often.

Speaking of meditations, I really appreciate how Chaudhary approaches them in a very methodical manner that make them easy to do…well, fairly easy….ok, some took me awhile because I suck at meditating (fine, you drug it out of me!) Sure, I can sit there quietly and see things in my minds-eye, but ask me to actually visualize something specific and my mind wants to do anything but that, but there is hope for people like me who have difficulties visualizing. He address visualization in his next venture “God Gifts”.

I also really appreciated his very human approach to his own experiences. He lets you into his own world of skepticism and frustration; even his own anger and disappointments on his own path. He didn’t accept everything right off the bat himself and he lets the reader know how human he is. He’s not the continually calm and peaceful guru we often think of when we think of someone spiritual meditating, he is a human being with feelings and emotions the same as the rest of us and occasionally he loses it too. For me it made me feel as though in many ways he stood where I stand too and there’s a type of comfort in that.

Does this book provide all the answers, of course it doesn’t; you have to work at getting those yourself. What it does do is give some really great tools for embarking on the path to discover your own answers. At least, that’s how I view it.

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