Review: The Girl In The Ice

The Girl In The Ice
The Girl In The Ice by Robert Bryndza
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I found this book through Goodreads, another member had just finished it and rated it very well; I thought I’d give it a try myself….am I ever glad I did! I really love finding jewels like this.

Detective Erika Foster has had a rough time of things lately. Fresh off the loss of her husband she finds herself immersed in a case with a potential serial killer; what makes this case particularly challenging however is that it involves some very posh and influential people in the community. As if this weren’t enough to deal with it seems as though someone in her department has it out for her as well. Personally, I think Erika prefers her life this way, these complications re-direct her time and energy allowing her to focus on something other than the pain she feels when she has time to dwell on her own troubles.

Detective Foster is very likeable; she’s smart, tough, and tenacious; a woman who won’t back down. She never seems to cross the line from a woman in charge to flat-out bitch though…she walks that tight-rope gingerly. Sure, she occasionally loses her temper but who doesn’t? This case needs someone with a backbone like hers; the victims need someone like her…someone who won’t allow them to be forgotten or shoved to the side just because they weren’t “someone” newsworthy, they need someone who really cares about giving them justice.

All too often when I read a crime thriller, I have the story figured out far too early; I imagine other readers do too. I’m then merely along for the ride until the inevitable unveiling of the “whodunit”…and I nod along thinking yep…I already knew that. So I was extremely happy to find out how wrong I was this time, yes…I was glad to be wrong! Mr. Bryndza absolutely had me turned around with the possibilities and mis-directions he wove into the story…good job indeed!

Aside from happily being wrong about the killer another aspect of this story I really enjoyed is that it is such an easy read. I quickly became engrossed in this story and never once found my attention wavering, not even for a single paragraph; for me….that’s a sign of a really well written story….it flows well. If I could rate it 4.5 stars I would, the only reason it’s not getting a full 5 from me is that I didn’t get emotionally invested in this story, and that’s okay. That just doesn’t happen for every story with me so very few books get that rating…from me a 4 star still means I really loved this story and I would highly recommend it to others.

So, if you are looking for a good crime thriller, check this one out. I know I’ll be keeping my eyes open for the next Detective Erika Foster novel!

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