Review: Miss Wrong and Mr Right

Miss Wrong and Mr Right
Miss Wrong and Mr Right by Robert Bryndza
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m happy to say, I have another book to recommend to anyone who enjoys a good light-hearted story with romantic elements to it. We aren’t talking graphic sex scenes or a bodice ripper here, just some sweet romantic interludes with a really well told fun story.

Have you ever found yourself faced with a life-altering decision to make? You know…If I choose A my life will go down this path; if I choose B then my life will go this way. When you make your choice…are there second chances, can you have a do-over? Does fate sometimes make the roads converge again? In this story…Natalie just might get to find out.

At 18 years old Natalie and Jamie were engaged to be married. During the hubbub of excited wedding preparations Natalie found herself carried along on the wedding tidal wave, too busy to really think about what she wanted, too caught up in the frenzy of wedding planning…until the day she finds herself standing at the altar with Jamie, the man she loves, on their wedding day asking herself if this is really what she wants to do. Does she want to stay in the little home town she grew up in, be forced into what would be expected of her in that little community or does she want to strike out on her own and see what she can really make of her life? If she chooses to stay and marry Jamie would she be condemning both of them to lives of unfulfilled potential and constant “what if’s”? Natalie finds she just can’t do that to either of them and she bolts, leaving a broken hearted Jamie at the altar.

Fifteen years later Natalie has made a life for herself in London. She has escaped her home town, she has a successful theater career, she has friends, a boyfriend…it appears she has it all and then Jamie shows up, and everything begins to go a bit sideways.

Thus begins the story of Miss Wrong and Mr. Right and let me tell you…it’s a fun ride all the way to the end.

Mr. Bryndza presents us with great characters; characters you can absolutely empathize with and totally enjoy being a part of for a short time. The story itself moves along at a pleasant pace, nothing really feels rushed but you don’t get bored either waiting for something to happen, I definitely have to give him kudos for this. Of course adding in a character like Anushka, Natalie’s grandmother, is a brilliant stroke…she’s the groovy granny we all wish we had; she adds so much color to the atmosphere of this story.

Over-all I truly had a good time reading this; If I had to pick something to comment on, something I would like to have seen happen it’s this…I really wish Natalie had let her ex-boyfriend Bengamin have it along the same manner as she did the Board of Directors at the theater. He really deserved more of a smack down than what she handed him after everything but that’s just me responding as a woman would to a man who has acted well….well, not so Namaste! (You’ll get that when you read the book.)

So, would I recommend this book? Heck yeah I would! It’s fun, it’s light, it moves…honestly, it’s everything I would want in a story for pure enjoyment of this genre.

On a side note…In addition to reading this book I listened to it on Audible as well. I often like to do that when I can because I pick up different nuances by doing so. This story was just as enjoyable in the audio medium as it was in print. My only real note about the audible version is that the narrator, Jan Cramer, who I do enjoy, does an awful Texas accent so if you happen to be an American listening to this it comes across as very corny and unrealistic and at times that can be a bit distracting. Otherwise it truly doesn’t matter which format you choose for this story, I think you will love it either way.

Happy reading!

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