Review: Deadpool

Starring: Ryan Reynolds
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

This past week I finally had the opportunity to sit down and watch Deadpool. Just so you know…I’m not someone who keeps up on comic book characters; that’s never really been my thing so going in the only thing I really knew about this movie was that Ryan Reynolds was in it and it had a whole marketing campaign surrounding it urging parents NOT to take their kids to see it. Well DUH! People it IS rated “R”, there’s a reason they give that rating. I know…I know…people will still insist on taking their precious rug-rats and ankle-biters to see it because well…it is a super hero movie isn’t it? Well no, it’s really not…Deadpool is more like the anti-super-hero. He was a mercenary prior to gaining super powers, so he’s not exactly full of warm fuzzies and good intentions; inside he is still the mercenary he always was. He is all about making the bad guys pay, violently…and does he make them pay!

Yes, he has super powers; he can heal from injuries extremely fast (even regenerating appendages that have been sliced off), he’s immune to toxins and poisons and he has an extremely cutting wit (I consider that a super power myself, I don’t know about you)…but because of his regeneration powers he is basically, immortal and stuck with an extremely disfigured face as a result of the experimentation done to transform him and this really sticks in his craw!

Ok, so why the “R” rating if he’s based on a Marvel comic book and the X-Men are trying to recruit him? Well, if you’ve really read any recent comic books or graphic novels then you’ll be aware that not all “comics/cartoons” are directed towards kids these days. As I mentioned I’m not a huge fan of these things myself but simply observing what other people watch or read it’s pretty obvious to me that most have very adult elements to them. Many are in fact quite adult in nature and Deadpool is absolutely one of those comics. Think of Kill Bill as a comic book for example, if it were a comic book/cartoon…would that be appropriate for kids? Would you take your kids to see that? I highly doubt it. Well, personally I could see the bride in Kill Bill getting along famously with Deadpool!

Yes, Deadpool has a great sense of humor…he’s sarcastic, witty, funny….says things most people would only ever think (if they could think that fast) and he often breaks the fourth wall in conversation which really adds to the charm of this character. However, he’s also extremely violent, unstable mentally and well….his girlfriend is a hooker/stripper, there’s definite sexual content you don’t want you kids seeing…or at least I hope you don’t want your kids seeing it. So….DON’T TAKE YOUR KIDS TO SEE THIS MOVIE! There, I did my part to add to their marketing campaign to dissuade parents from taking their kids to see this and then having the gall to write and complain about being offended at what they exposed their children to, believe me “R” is absolutely the appropriate rating for this flick.

Would my nearly 13 year old son enjoy this movie? Undoubtedly, does that mean he needs to see it? No….but I laughed my ass off!

Now…on to what did I actually think of this film? That’s easy….I absofreakinloutely loved it! Ryan Reynolds was the perfect actor to portray Deadpool. His sense of humor blends seamlessly with Deadpool’s twisted persona. I really have to give him credit for this role, it’s not easy to play such a charismatic character when completely encased from head-to-toe in a costume. When Deadpool is in costume you can’t see anything of Ryan, even his eyes are covered, yet he manages to really shine through in this role.

As I mentioned, I went into this movie really knowing nothing about Deadpool but he was so much fun! I really, really, really….want a sequel. If you want to be entertained and aren’t afraid of adult content…watch this! You’ll be so glad you did.

Oh, and on a closing note. This movie has the best opening credits EVER!


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