The Weight of Living makes semi-finalist in book cover awards!

I am so thrilled that my cover has made the semi finals! Even more pleased the author, Michael Stephen Daigle liked it enough to nominate it. If you like my cover as well please visit the link below Nov 1-5th and vote for it, I would really appreciate any and all votes.

Also, if you haven’t had the opportunity to read any of his books yet, I cannot recommend Frank Nagler Mysteriesthem highly enough! Daigle is a very talented writer, I know….I’ve read every book of his that I have done a cover for and I really enjoy his Detective Frank Nagler Mysteries….all of which are available today!

The Swamps of Jersey
A Game Called Dead
The Weight of Living

Voting begins tomorrow, Nov 1st and runs through the 5th!

Want to know more about this book, here’s the book trailer from Imzadi Publishing too.

Michael Stephen Daigle

The brilliant cover for the third Frank Nagler Mystery, “The Weight of Living” is a semi-finalist in the cover art contest run by

The cover art is by Anita Dugan-Moore, of my publisher Imzadi Publishing of Tulsa.

I am trilled and blessed to have such talent supporting my books.

The voting for the winner runs between  Nov. 1 to 5.

Here’s the link:

Thanks for your support.

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