Review: The Wrath of the Jaguar Man – The Curse of Inca Gold

Wrath of the Jaguar ManThe Wrath of the Jaguar Man: The Curse of Inca Gold (Book 2)

By J.A. Kalis

Genre: Fiction/Action & Adventure

Rating: 3 Stars


When Didier embarks on a quest to recover a priceless artefact, he gets entangled in more than he has bargained for.

Meanwhile, the ruthless treasure hunters resolve to go back to the ancient ruins hidden deep in the Amazon jungle with the aim of finding other intact tombs and pillaging them.

But the spirits of those whose graves have already been desecrated are angry. Their thirst for revenge urges the Indians who inhabit those remote territories to take action. This time they will do everything in their power to defend the burial sites of their ancestors. They are watching the ruins, waiting …


***  I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. ***

Normally I reserve review criticisms for later in my review but I feel this needs to be placed up front because it has to do with how this story begins.

The Wrath of the Jaguar Man is the second book in The Curse of Inca Gold series, so in the spirit of full disclosure I must admit to having not read the first book in this series. My lack of prior information leads to a bit of an issue with this book. If this book is meant for the reader to be able to read it as a stand-alone then the author needs to provide the reader with more information going into this story.

185774f00faa909I say this because the first chapter felt very disorienting as I was immediately thrown into a conversation between Chantal and Didier. I felt like the proverbial third-wheel observing a conversation as I looked back and forth between two participants that I couldn’t see wondering what in the world was going on.

I definitely needed a little bit of information as a reader about the characters and some scene setting when the book opens. This is where a prologue would have been extremely helpful, without it the book opens very abruptly for an unfamiliar reader. Having a prologue would have enabled me to understand just a little bit about Chantal and Didier and how they came to be where they are when Chapter 1 begins.

Now that I have that out of the way I can say that this does improve as the story moves on…which only leads to my certainty that the Ms. Kalis depends on the reader having read the first book before picking this one up. So just in case you were thinking I was going to give a bad review here…no, that’s not the case. I did in fact enjoy this book, I was just lost in the beginning. So let’s move on to what I liked about it.

I really enjoyed the globe hopping aspect and how the action takes the reader around the world. In particular I enjoyed the portions that take place in the Amazon with Menga; a warrior who lives in the jungle and is fighting to right the wrongs of “the bad men” as he attempts to appease his ancestor. Hoping that once they are appeased that the people of his village and the woman he loves will be released from the illness plaguing them.

It is with Menga that we see an element of the supernatural come in to play, I enjoyed that as well. I have read a few reviews that weren’t so fond of that element but the supernatural and the mythological is part of that culture, so it fit for me. I have no problem suspending my expectations for the sake of story-telling.

Speaking of Menga, he was a well developed character. I liked him immediately. Other characters such as Aberlado, Antonio and Adriana were also well developed and fun to follow.

The Wrath of the Jaguar Man is an action-packed story but I have to say none of the twists and turns really surprised me. I saw most of them coming and had the whole “whodunit” aspect figured out very early on but admittedly, I tend to do that with many books…but it is a fun ride. Overall, I enjoyed the story line, the plot, and the pace of the story as well. Was it a real page-turner for me? Honestly, no…but I also didn’t lose interest in what I was reading.

This review has been a bit of a mixed bag hasn’t it? Things I liked, things I enjoyed and things that were well….“meh”. This is precisely what leads me to giving this particular book 3 stars. It falls smack dab in the middle for me.

Would I recommend this book? Yes to someone who enjoys action/adventure, I would…as long as you read the first in this series prior to this book.

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I like the colors, I like the font on this cover too and the integration of the photograph at the top. If I were to give any constructive feedback on this cover it would be to get rid of the black clipart objects (the running men and the birds covering letters on the title). This cover would be just as effective without them and the fact that they are clipart detracts from the continuity with the rest of the cover. That is my only criticism however…over all I like this cover.

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