Review – Love Lines

Love Lines
By Sheri Langer
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Stars

“What if you could find the love of your life just by reading between the lines?
Single mom Fordham Price is juggling her job at a small publisher, her precocious ten-year-old daughter, and her feisty mother. She wants to find time for men, but after a series of dating disasters, her relationship status is still stuck at single.
As if her macchiato lite wasn’t already overflowing, a co-worker gets pregnant, and Fordham is expected to step in and deliver the company’s latest reality read from the Flowers from the Heart series. She must now supplement her own romantic misadventures with tales of cynical cat-ladies, identical-twin husbands, spunky monks, and countless other web-crawlers.
As she wades through the submissions, she finds one from a widower whose story gives her tingles in all the places she forgot existed. His words draw her in until she finds herself daydreaming about him more than she’d care to admit.
Could she have a love like that, or will her romantic fate be forever bound to her philandering ex-husband?”


This is a book I would love to see done in an audiobook and as a rom-com movie. As I recall I read another review that said something very similar…okay, that’s it…I’m officially starting a petition!
We need more “romances” that are for our every-day working class, frazzled to the bone moms. As one myself I loved Fordham Price…and how unique is that name? I’ll never get that confused with another character!
But Fordham, great as she is…doesn’t make this book on her own. It’s the tertiary characters that I truly fell in love with here. Sure, I related to Fordham…but her 10 year-old daughter, Whitty is so much fun. She’s precocious as any child that age should be, but not irritatingly so; and then of course there’s Dorie as well. She’s Fordham’s mom, who lives with them and helps her single daughter out with Whitty. I just loved her too, she’s a great mom and grandma and a spitfire to boot, just too much fun!
I really enjoyed the balance this story kept with keeping Fordham “real”. She’s a single working mom. This means that okay…she may date, but it’s not as though it’s every Friday and Saturday night. There’s not a line of men at her door. Nope, really…she’s having a tough time finding that right guy.
We do have some love interests such as Aaron and David…and I’m glad she didn’t end up with Aaron. He was just too, slick…as in oily, but he was a great character to love to hate. I often wanted to shout at Fordham…”ditch the bum, you can do better!” Let’s just say, some guys deserve to stay in the past.
Then there’s David. He’s the new Principal at her daughter’s school and boy does Fordham like him…he’s yummy! Problem is, he’s already in a “thang” with one of the substitute teachers….bummer.
But, as with all romances…things generally have a way of working out. It’s the fun ride to get to that ending though that you’ll enjoy.
This book has genuine laugh out loud moments, scream at Fordham telling her she’s being a dumb-ass moments, “Yes!” moments and it is all told from Fordham’s perspective in 3rd person, which I really loved. It’s so nice to get into that character’s head and get cozy for a spell.
Truly, this is one I didn’t want to put down….and if it were an audiobook this would be so much fun to listen to. Now…who would play Fordham in the movie……..
Oops, sorry; I digress. This one gets 5 stars from me. It’s not a bodice ripper as romances go, but it’s fun, it’s genuine, it has moments we can all relate to and at its core it’s just a good story told well.
If you are looking for a fun time check out Love Lines by Sheri Langer.



We all have dreams. As a child, mine was to have long polished fingernails, a sparkly diamond ring, a husband, kids, and a puppy. It was my firm belief that my children would be the luckiest on earth because I would love them beyond reason. My only other wish was to be a movie star, admired by all.
We all have dreams that change. As a child I loved movies, especially the ones where sultry, stunning actresses had to do nothing but stand in a room to have every man in sight desire them. Their allure was disarming and enviable and as I got older, I wanted to be one of them. As a teen, it became somewhat painfully obvious that a 5’2”, very bosomy, bottle-blonde was not exactly the ingenue Hollywood was banging down doors to find. I still watched movies with palpable yearning, but as a matter of practicality, I knew I would have to switch gears.
We all have dreams that change us. I went to college because I had no choice but to graduate and be a “something.” I had given up my dreams of being an actress and so I returned to my most organic desire -to be a wife and a mother. My first serious boyfriend didn’t feel ready to comply with my wishes and broke up with me. Shortly after, I met the guy I believed was Mr. Right. He transferred to my school so we could be together. It was all very romantic in the screenplay I was writing in my head.
We all have dreams that work-until they confuse us.  We got married. I went for my MA in English Ed so I could actually be a “something.” I loved words. The problem was I didn’t want to be a teacher or a journalist. I didn’t want to be anything that required punching a time clock or reporting to a boss. I wanted to write movies, but as far as I was concerned those were created in some far-off land by nameless sprites.
We all have dreams that shape us. I got pregnant and realized that being a mother was my truest calling. Except for the pen and paper that beckoned me in the wee hours, I was a mom all the way from colic to toddlerhood and then onto my next pregnancy, and my next pregnancy, and my next pregnancy. All the while, my movies kept me company. They reminded me, while my own marriage was unraveling, that true love was still out there.
We all have dreams that save us. I got divorced. It was a blessing, but destabilizing, nonetheless. I was no longer part of a couple. We divvied up the friends, but I got to keep the videos. The weekends I didn’t have the kids became my nights for take-out and romcoms. I needed to reinforce my childhood notions of love. I started dating, which I found was not the way to secure those notions. The more I dated, the more I needed my movies.
At some point, we all stop dreaming and start doing. One day, my sister said, very matter-of-factly, “just write your movie already.” Really? Maybe she was right. Maybe the only way I could have the love I wanted was to create it myself. I started writing a screenplay and while developing the main conflict, decided to reach out to my first serious boyfriend. I was in NY. He was safely tucked away in Florida. Maybe he would be able to explain why I was relationship-challenged.
We all have dreams that come true. My former boyfriend was now divorced and seemed to have been waiting for my call. We kept in touch and after a few weeks he said he needed to see me. Our time together convinced me to keep writing. Upon the advice of my late, treasured mentor, I novelized my screenplay and LOVE-LINES emerged. My boyfriend moved to NY, proposed, and after a mere dozen years of living together, we got married this past New Year’s Eve. Keep dreaming.


Sheri Langer is a chocoholic writer and editor who routinely feasts on romantic comedies. She’s been known to spontaneously reenact scenes from classic favorites like When Harry Met Sally.
A self-proclaimed moderately talented home-cook, Sheri spends a fair amount of time concocting dishes that can never be repeated. A creative rebel at heart, she has always colored outside the lines and has an instinctive aversion to recipes. To keep the calories from getting too out of hand, Sheri does step and aerobic workouts in the privacy of her bedroom, where no one has to be subjected to her lack of rhythm.
An avid word fan, Sheri frequently plays Just Words, Boggle, and Scrabble, mostly against the computer so she has excellent odds of winning. With her four kids all grown up, three of whom live in various locations across the map, Sheri and her guy, Brad, spend much of their downtime watching General Hospital and football, shopping, and pursuing the best ice cream on the planet. Much to the chagrin of their waistbands, they can often be spotted sitting on a bench outside their favorite creamery, eating obscenely overstuffed giant waffle cones.
Please feel free to connect with Sheri on social media. You can help her procrastinate by engaging in spirited exchanges or viewing pics of her great-looking family and ridiculously adorable cat, Zoe.

Learn more about Sheri Langer at:

Sheri Langer’s Author Website

Sheri’s Author Page at Red Adept Publishing

Goodreads Author Page

Amazon Author Page



And there’s more! Click here to read another excerpt!



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