‘Throwaways’ – A New Cover in the Works

Serendipity led me to creating a new cover for the soon to be released ‘Throwaways’ by Elliott Light. Not too long ago I had the privilege of reading his book ‘The Gene Police,’ published by Bancroft Press and reviewed it for Sage’s Blog Tours, you can read my review here….’The Gene Police.’ Let me tell you, if you are looking for a good read…check that book out. It is well written, well paced and highly relevant to the events we find ourselves immersed in these days.

But, I digress…recently Mr. Light contacted me about creating a new cover for his latest work and sent me the manuscript to read. I read it (another really great read, you’ll love it,) and immediately the opening scene to the book grabbed my imagination. Below, you’ll find both of the covers I ended up creating for him to choose from, along with a blurb from the book.

I invite you to vote on the cover art in the comments and let me know what you like or don’t like about each of them.


Pushed by the unseen hand of the Gulf currents that determine where the sea deposits its refuse, the body of a young girl drifted over a reef where Jake Savage was photographing lionfish, a beautiful brown-striped creature with feathery pectoral fins that could almost make one forget its venomous spines. For an instant, Jake thought she might be watching him, but she had no snorkel or mask. She wasn’t wearing a swimsuit, but rather was clad in only a shirt and panties. And she couldn’t have looked at him because she had no eyes. What had this child done to die so young, to be forgotten and left to drift until consumed by the creatures of the sea? A voice whispered to let her go, but he couldn’t leave her to the whim of the wind and tide. A simple decision with deadly consequences.

After reading the blurb above, which cover do you prefer?


About Anita Dugan-Moore

This blog gives me the opportunity to talk about the book covers I create for some wonderful authors and share my thoughts on movies and books that I love. Who knows...I may even share some of my own writing on here...or whatever else happens to pop into my mind.
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