Cover Art: My Pilot – A Story of War, Love, and ALS

My Pilot-KindleI’m a bit behind on my posts lately, so it’s time to catch up!

Recently I was challenged to create a cover for a truly wonderful memoir set for publication this fall.

As sometimes happens the author had her heart set on having a photo of her husband used on the cover. Makes sense, right? This book is about the author and her husband after all.

But, as I’ve mentioned before working with a photograph can, at times, be quite interesting. In this case the original photo I had to work with had that old over-saturated coloration to it. It just wasn’t suitable as it was and required a bit of TLC to make the subject not look like he ha a massive sunburn going on.

I thought about it for awhile and tossed around a few ideas for this cover, one had an american flag in the background….but that was just too spot on for his military service. The truth is this pilot had a wide and varied career with many types of aircraft, I didn’t want to pay attention to only one portion of it. So, I settled on creating clouds behind him and focused instead solely on his photograph and simple lettering for this cover.

The most important aspect was getting the coloring just right too. I wanted something dignified and bold, but not over the top…this led me to the decision to work with the color tones in his portrait once I doctored it just a bit.

I’m very happy with how this cover turned out…what do you think? Would it stop you to learn more about it if you saw it?


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This blog gives me the opportunity to talk about the book covers I create for some wonderful authors and share my thoughts on movies and books that I love. Who knows...I may even share some of my own writing on here...or whatever else happens to pop into my mind.
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