Becoming Real — Elliott Light

I’m pleased to share with everyone Throwaways, the culmination of a project that I have been helping the author, Elliott Light, with.

I love it when I have a great story to help my imagination really take hold when creating the cover and I’m so happy with how this final cover came together.

I know I may sound biased but I truly do recommend this book. It’s compelling, relevant, and so reminiscent of many of the headlines that have bombarded the news and media over the last few years.

Check it out, it’s available in eBook and paperback at your favorite online bookseller!

And, of course….let me know what you think of it as well (after you leave a review.)

Do you remember where you were and what you were thinking in January of 2020? What were the issues that floated through your mind before the words “corona virus” popped up in your daily conversations? When did COVID-19 become real? When schools closed? When a loved-one got sick or, worse, died? If you are interested in one man’s […]

Becoming Real — Elliott Light

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