Review: Everyone You Hate Is Going to Die: And Other Comforting Thoughts on Family, Friends, Sex, Love, and More Things That Ruin Your Life 

Written by: Daniel Sloss
Narrated by:
Daniel Sloss
Publisher: Random House
Actor & Entertainer Biography, Humor
Audible Rating:
5 out of 5 Stars
Story Rating:
5 out of 5 Stars

Daniel Sloss’s stand-up comedy engages, enrages, offends, unsettles, educates, comforts, and gets audiences roaring with laughter—all at the same time. In his groundbreaking specials, seen on Netflix and HBO, he has brilliantly tackled everything from male toxicity and friendship to love, romance, and marriage—and claims (with the data to back it up) that his on-stage laser-like dissection of relationships has single-handedly caused more than 300 divorces and 120,000 breakups…


I have taken a bit of a break from my blog, but I’m back now to make up for my time away by reviewing, and highly recommending Everyone You Hate is Going to Die* by Daniel Sloss. Does this name sound familiar to you? It just may, his star has been rising as a stand-up comedian over the past few years; perhaps you’ve seen his specials Jigsaw and X on Netflix or HBO? If you have then you know he has a dark sense of humor, targets the most inappropriate subjects and makes you wonder about yourself when you laugh at them, and challenges you to think about why you may be offended at what he has said in the most hilarious of ways.

I caught his TV specials and became an immediate fan, I LOVE a dark and twisted sense of humor! So, when I came across his book online I had to pick it up! But, when I saw he was actually the one reading his own book for Audible, well…that sealed the deal as to the format I would purchase; I quickly pushed up my nerd glasses, scurried to my computer to happily spend one of my credits on Audible, I highly suggest you use it to download this book too…you won’t regret it.

I will say though, to those of my readers who have a more sensitive nature when it comes to foul language that, Daniel Sloss, who is Scottish, flings foul words freely…particularly that oh so dreaded “C” word that elicits dropped jaws of astonishment from most women here in the states and choruses of “oh no, you di-n’t!” And…*sigh* I will admit, I was once one of those who would gasp and clutch my pearls whenever someone would use that word too…but, no longer. I’m pleased to say that this book, much like an intensive session of immersion therapy, has desensitized me and freed me from the bonds of my naiveté in that regard. Why is that? Well, truthfully…he made some good points that made sense to me and helped me see how judgmental I was being about it (you’ll have to get the book and read/listen to it for yourself to know what I mean).

Buuuuut, if you are someone who simply cannot stand foul language, steer clear of this book…it’s just not going to be for you and he would be the first to tell you that. If you disregard my warning, that’s on you…you are probably also one of those people who went to watch Deadpool with your child even though there was an entire marketing campaign telling you NOT to bring your child and that the movie was completely inappropriate for them (as if the R rating here in the states didn’t already tell you that).

Anyway, I sincerely laughed my way through this book. I nodded my head in agreement with him many times and I appreciated the journey of self-reflection he so freely shares with the reader during his time writing this book during the COVID lock-down.

If you have a dark and twisted sense of humor like I do, I highly recommend you pick this one up…particularly in the audiobook version (you just have to hear this in his own voice.)

As always, if you pick this one up or have already read it, let me know your thoughts on it too!

Note* I was fortunate enough to have purchased tickets to see Daniel Sloss and his friend Kai Humphries live in Dallas before knowing that this book was available; they were both just awesome! If you ever have a chance to see either of them live, do it! You’ll be very glad you did. And, if after reading/listening to his book or checking out his specials on Netflix or HBO Max (you’re welcome for the plugs Daniel) you want more, check out the podcast Kai Humphries and he put out every week called, it’s called Sloss and Humphries on the Road, you can find it on Patreon or Spotify.


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