Review: The Patriot Resolves 

Written by: S.R. Buckel
Blasphemy, Heresy & Apostasy / Civil Rights & Liberties
Book Rating:
1 out of 5 Stars

So, I was provided this book for an honest review *sigh*, thankfully I did not pay $5.99 for this “book” that is only 84 pages (on a good day).

This is the type of review I don’t like writing, but bad reviews are part of the book reviewer’s job as well and this is going to be one of those, unfortunately. So, please bear with me on this review…it’s going to be a tad long-winded.

I had hoped, after reading the synopsis of this book that the author would provide some helpful ideas for solutions, as he often suggests…but he didn’t. While buried here and there he has some valid points, I have to admit that I came away feeling preached at by a fire and brimstone preacher and I really didn’t like that…at all!

I get it, this author is a Christian. Good for him, that’s totally cool; that’s his belief system, that works for him and I’m happy for him. BUT, yep…that’s a big BUT, this author seems to be using this book as a vehicle to rant and use his beliefs to back up why everyone should adopt his beliefs in order to fix the problems with this country; this book comes across to me like a long letter to a Senator or Congressperson written on the pages of the Bible while claiming both sides are at fault for the state of things in America today. Unfortunately, within the words of his ranting it becomes obvious that his opinion isn’t truly that both sides are at fault at all….but one side is…and definitely those who don’t believe as he does are at fault.

I remember going uh oh when I repeatedly read the phrase “let me be clear” early on.  This was a red flag that screamed he was adamant about his view being the right view, he certainly wasn’t interested in an open discussion. Not only is repeatedly using that phrase sloppy writing, it’s also one of the reasons this feels like a rant; a fairly pointless rant that loses its way as this book progresses throughout his rambling diatribe. All I truly came away with as I struggled to read this “book” while dodging and weaving Biblical blows as I went was this…this author is pissed! Okay, that’s fine…so many of us are with our government and political environment on every side of it. BUT, he believes we all need to be saved by accepting Jesus Christ as our personal lord and savior, and THEN… SOMEHOW we will all suddenly get morals and ethics that will lead us to a moral center. Ummm, have you seen the politicians that claim to be Christians???? Seems to me those politicians haven’t gotten that memo…so, this hasn’t worked for them.

This “American document” (odd way to put it) leaves the reader feeling as though this author truly just wants everyone see things as he does, that he is going to lead them to the light during this VERY LONG-WINDED one-sided conversation…ummm…rant, and that in doing so everyone will be saved and all will be well.  Ooooookay.

Look, this author has every right to his own theological opinions, but…again, this is a one-sided conversation that assumes the reader holds these same beliefs and if they don’t, they should, and he uses examples to support his views from the Bible by quoting it. Okay, that’s fine…if those are the beliefs you hold; but, what of those with different theologies or none at all? This author isn’t going to change anyone’s mind by ranting at them. And, aside from using some pretty telling conspiracy theory rhetoric hot-button words, he offers absolutely NO substantiation for anything he says. None! Diddly! Bupkus!

If you haven’t surmised by now, I’m not a Christian, I won’t pretend to be one; however, I also have nothing against Christians believing as they do. If doing so works for them, if it brings them comfort, if it makes them happy and brings them peace…wonderful! I’m very happy for them, it’s just not my own belief system. Having said all of that, I have studied theology; I have strived to understand different religions…and yeah, I’ve read the Bible.

None of the Bible verses that were flung at me altered my own world-views. He provided no suggestions for how to come together (other than religion), and he even goes so far as to make it sound as though people who do not have his religion are simply not capable of ethics and morals…excuse me? Some of the most moral and ethical people I know do not believe in religion of any type, that’s just an insulting and divisive thing to insinuate.

As you can tell by my own bit of a rant here, I came away from this reading experience feeling as though I’ve been preached at by a red-faced fire and brimstone preacher who has pounded me into the ground with versions of the King James Bible and the New Testament bound together for extra oomph. This was not a pleasant experience, nor did I find what he said to be truthful; I found lots of conspiracy theories…but no actual truth.

Honestly, if I had looked at the genres this author placed this book in I probably would not have read it, truthfully they were red flags as to this author’s mindset before even cracking the cover. He chose “Blasphemy, Heresy & Apostasy” and “Civil Rights & Liberties.”

My last comment is this…this author calls this a “Book” and tries to charge $5.99 for it. This is NOT a book, this is barely a booklet. Personally, I’d have been pretty peeved and returned it had I paid $5.99 for it.

Sorry, but this is a 1 star read for me that seriously only took me 15 minutes. I didn’t like the tone, I didn’t like the rambling style of writing, I didn’t like the preaching, I didn’t like dodging Bible verses, I didn’t like being talked down to…and I definitely don’t like that he’s charging $5.99 for this in paperback.

In this reviewers opinion, this author is actually contributing to the problems…not solving them.


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