Green-eyed Irish Lass’s Book Reviews & More

FB_IMG_1452986051074Working as a cover artist I often have the privilege of reading truly amazing stories by a variety of wonderful authors long before anyone else but you know what? I’m not allowed to post reviews of those books on places such as Amazon…for a very good reason.

My desire to post genuinely honest reviews is what prompted me to start Greeneyed Lass’s Book Reviews & More. Here I have an opportunity to post my honest opinion about books I have worked on as well as works by other authors, movies, and even television shows.

I am happy to accept works from authors for review, participate in blog tours and help authors with editing, formatting, cover art, book trailers, marketing material and a variety of other obstacles one might encounter with publishing books.

So, if you happen to be an author (new or established) and would like an honest review get in touch with me through my contact page. I am all too familiar with how difficult it is to find people who will provide an honest review, especially prior to publication. Just send me a copy of your book (.mobi, .pdf, or .epub) and I will be happy to add your book to my reading rotation for review.

All I ask is this. Please tell me if your book is a galley copy (not yet published/through final edits) or if it is in its final format. This information helps me provide you with the best possible review that I can give because galley copies are often still full of errors. If I know I am reading a galley copy then I know to look over those issues in my review. Make sense? Cool!

If you happen to be an author looking for a publisher, check out Imzadi Publishing, they are always looking for new authors. And of course if you need a cover artist, book formatter, or book trailers you can find some of my award-winning work here and on my web page at

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