About Me

Working as a cover artist for Imzadi Publishing is both rewarding and challenging.  I have the privilege of reading truly amazing stories before anyone else and I have the freedom to let my imagination roam where it will.  I am often asked how I came up with the cover?  What inspired me?  What was I thinking? Well, here I’m going to tell you precisely that on my Book Covers page!

Speaking of reading new things, I love to read and I love to watch movies!  I have devoured books and movies as long as I can remember.  Sadly, since I am a cover artist I am not allowed to post reviews about the books I’ve done covers for on Amazon.  I understand why I am not allowed to but I still have opinions and love to share what I honestly think about the stories I have created covers for, as well as other books I’ve read.  This page is my opportunity to have a voice about books, movies, and audio books.

If you happen to be a new author and would like an honest review get in touch with me if you are willing to provide me a copy of the book I am more than willing to provide an honest review for you as well. Just send me a quick message through my contact page.

Oh, if you happen to be an author looking for a publisher, check out Imzadi Publishing, they are always looking for new authors and of course if you need a cover artist contact me though my contact page, I am confident we can work together to create the perfect cover for your book.

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