The Mueller Investigation & the Disease of Corruption

Be forewarned! This post is going to depart from my norm. This isn’t a book review, nor will I be discussing the cover art I design for books. Nope, this time this blog is about something I need to get off my chest.

webweyant-5088Unless you live under a rock on a remote island somewhere you must have heard about some of the kafuffle and scandals abounding around and within our White House here in America, particularly around the POTUS (gulp, hard to say that without gagging), as well as those who surround him and the investigation into Russian interference with the Presidential election.

I won’t even attempt to pretend that I feel anything but utter loathing for our current POTUS, there isn’t a single thing about him I find appealing or redeemable…so there, that’s out on the table. I’m not at all surprised by what is currently going on in his administration either; a corrupt man is going to have a corrupt administration and very often he will have people with morals that are for sale surrounding him. But this isn’t meant to be a political rant.

Lately however, I find myself wondering how those who are forced (or at least find it necessary) to live their lives with those who work within our current Presidential administration feel when their loved ones and family members lie, cover up, and insult others as part of their “duty”. Seriously, how would you feel if you lived in Kellyanne Conway’s house…or were one of Sarah Huckabee Sander’s kids who had to continue to go to school every day with such a visibly political and highly controversial parent?

1-23kellyannespinjpg-983eb13e7262c623Some may say that people like Sarah Huckabee Sanders or Kellyanne Conway are just doing their jobs. Alllllrighty…. I find that rational hard to swallow and here’s why. At some point…they know, even if it’s just deep down in their own gut when they are flat-out spewing lies… easily verifiable lies, and they do it with a straight face that lying is exactly what they are doing. And I’m not talking little white lies either, these puppies are whoppers! I’m talking lies that can be proven on unedited video tape and not removed from context too.

They take lying to a new level. This is more than merely standing by someone you believe strongly in, and I do believe at least at some point they truly did believe in their candidate. This is actually obliterating that moral and ethical (and sometimes legal) line and lying for the person you believe(ed) in knowing what you are saying is untrue. I understand that it is part of their jobs to “spin” things to try to deflate issues or put their candidate in a better light…but at what point does it become prostituting your own morals and ethics…just to have an important job, a weighty paycheck, or just save face?

3136992c1643198dd552c61cc43eba15What makes someone sacrifice their morals and ethics so utterly like that? This is what weighs on my mind and I will admit, it’s not just one side that will do that. It is however disproportionately one side at the moment. My conclusion is this; it often has to do with greed and the simple fact that people easily believe the lies that are manufactured about the opposing candidates. So it’s easy to lie to those people because they are so very willing to make excuses such as, “my candidate isn’t perfect but at least he/she isn’t the other guy” or “he/she is the better of two evils”. But are they really? Is it worth sacrificing a part of yourself for the “better part of two evils” when that person expects you to basically do anything for them? No.

So, I start looking at the lies our White House in particular is spewing and how people are swallowing them up as fact. This has become a daily occurrence, particularly on social media and on sites like InfoWars, yet more often than not people do not question the validity of these lies simply because they hear something that they want to believe that validates what they believe making it a foregone conclusion. They don’t want their views challenged. This just drives me batty! The truth is out there but people don’t want to even look at it.

photos.medleyphoto.3670620No politician is perfect; all of them seem to come with baggage. And there are puh-lenty of true scandals abounding (thank you Anthony Weiner…need I say more?) So why do people like Jerome Corsi for example, fabricate stories out of thin air about candidates?

If that name doesn’t strike a bell with you, Corsi is one of the men behind the Obama birther movement and I’m using him as an example purposefully. The birther conspiracy is one of those lies that far too many people bought into hook, line and sinker and it has been perpetuated for years by those same people…just as he wanted. It’s a theory he desperately tried to prove that ended up with him getting his butt thrown out of Kenya while he tried to go through with a press conference to push that fake story. It’s only one of many he has pushed on the public; other false theories he promoted were about the September 11 terrorist attacks and the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting (to name just a few).

92422I confess that it comes as absolutely no surprise to me that he is smack dab in the middle of the Mueller investigation. In fact when I heard that news I did my own private Snoopy dance. Why? Because his moral compass is permanently broken. No, not broken…the indicator has been snapped off and permanently stomped into the ground. That’s what happens when you hang out with the morally bankrupt such as Roger Stone, Julian Assange, and yes…the poster child for Narcissism….Trump. Were all of these people always morally bankrupt, nah…I really doubt it. But when one becomes entitled often morals and ethics eventually slough away, exactly as has happened with Corsi, Stone, Assange, and….he who shall not be named.

Cartoon_60This brings me back around to what I asked earlier (thanks for bearing with me this far)…how do the individuals who know or who have to live with people who so publicly spew lies feel about them. Well, I can tell you this much…I feel ashamed, disgusted, and oh so not surprised at what he has done and is currently doing. You see, Jerome Corsi was my uncle. Did you hear that “thud” echoing after I wrote that? That was the sound of my forehead hitting my desk several years ago still reverberating through my skull after learning that he was behind the Obama Birther theory.

Jerry has made millions off of gullible people with his best sellers that peddled many bogus theories. Yes folks, he was married to my late Aunt Joy from the time I was two years old until I was in college; I know him all too well. He’s the creepy uncle I’ve told people for years that I had who would hug me and smell my hair….ewwww (shudder!) and he’s the same man that wrote Unfit for Command, Hunting Hitler, and The Obama Nation.

I’ve known this man the entirety of my childhood and he has always lived in a world of entitlement and he continues to live in it now. If there is a way to make the money doing the least amount of work…he’s your man. Want someone to peddle your opinion and your willing to pay him a great deal of money? “Presto”! The Internet had to be like manna from Heaven for him.

55432_600I lost count of all the get rich quick schemes he tried to get my aunt involved in when they briefly lived in Albuquerque. He was never satisfied teaching political science and economics at the University of New Mexico. As a result he came up with more hair brained money making schemes than you can imagine. It wasn’t long before UNM was left behind and he pursued the stocks/banking craze that began in the 80’s and began climbing the corporate ladder of the banking industry (yeah, the one that collapsed) making millions.

It was around this time that he unexpectedly moved on from my aunt too, trading her in for a younger model. So much for loyalty…but Jerome doesn’t do loyalty any better than he does the truth. My aunt put his butt through Harvard; he kicked hers to the curb for a younger model more suited to his social standing. This is just a little secret between you and I, but I’d be willing to bet that if Harvard ever pulled all of the “papers” he turned in….they’d find he didn’t in fact write them all himself.

Anyway, I’m not going to try to say that absolutely everything he ever did was bad, there are times where he would work to expose what he thought was wrong doing…the problem has always been the methods he employs when he goes about exposing those problems causing him to become an unreliable source of information.

downloadOver the last several years I have watched the degeneration of this man. It’s as if he has become a character in some of the fiction I remember him writing when I was a child. He has now written himself into a story where he believes the conspiracy theories he peddles in his books. And now, I really don’t think he can differentiate reality from fiction. But he has always been clever, I’ll give him that. He recognized the opportunity to profit from conspiracy theories and boy howdy did he pander to it. Making millions off of it….oh and by the way, never paying my Aunt the millions he owed her either when he left her (yeah, that’s a sore spot with me for sure!) That just adds to the ass he has become.

This quote of his from a recent podcast referring to being interrogated in regards to Robert Mueller’s Russian Investigation speaks so clearly of his mind-set and how broken his moral compass is. This is by the way, referring to the interrogators on Mueller’s team. “When they have your emails and phone records…they’re very good at the perjury trap”. “Sigh”, really, Jerry? That’s what we in the real world refer to as…evidence and you know they have it because they shared it with you. But I’m not at all surprised he would spin it that way. When there is mounting evidence of your own wrong-doing call it a perjury trap so that you look like a victim. Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, you can’t fall into a trap if you are telling the truth, even a kindergartener knows that. Your story will stay consistent if you are telling the truth and you aren’t a big enough fish for them to really care about if you tell the truth, but I know you aren’t because I know, and you now know too, that you are about to face some serious consequences.

3ade5af75dc96777e7604b0b52378b40And I do believe that too. Will he do time in Club Fed? I really don’t know. But I do believe he deserves to do time and at his age, that could mean the rest of his life in jail. In my view what he did concealing information and harboring prior knowledge about hacked emails, withholding information he knows from conversations when he knows he had those conversations with people like Roger Stone and Julian Assange, and intentionally handing information over to Russian agents is treason.

I for one am ashamed to say I know you, but not so ashamed that I won’t share what I know of you with others in hopes that even one person will read this and stop buying your lies. To borrow a quote from one of my cousins who grew up with you as her step-father “It’s a shame to see what this once brilliant man has become.” The disease of corruption has had a grip on you for some time and now it is about to consume you.

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This blog gives me the opportunity to talk about the book covers I create for some wonderful authors and share my thoughts on movies and books that I love. Who knows...I may even share some of my own writing on here...or whatever else happens to pop into my mind.
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