Review: A Blaze of Sun

A Blaze of Sun

A Blaze of Sun by Bella Forrest
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I freely admit, I normally like my vampire stories, they are a guilty pleasure of mine (so sue me) but this one ummm…well, it simply fell really flat for me and then it was stomped on by the narrators.

As you can tell above I obtained this book as an Audiobook. To be quite frank, I think a portion of my disengagement came from the fact that I was listening to it rather than physically reading it but that is not to say that reading it would have been much better for me. The only thing that would have managed to avoid that disengagement is if I had not felt as though I was bouncing around from one book to another.

You see, there are eight narrators for this book…yep, you read that correctly…EIGHT! We have: Emma Galvin, Zachary Webber, Robert Petkoff, Lucas Daniels, Kate Rudd, Johanna Parker, Ilyana Kadushin, and Adam Chase! The audio book is totally saturated with talent and each narrator is a wonderful narrator in their own right; I’m particularly a fan of Robert Petkoff. Unfortunately, while I’m pretty sure I can see the author thinking “these wonderful narrators will make this audio book a slam-dunk”…it simply fails to do so and that goes to show you that no amount of “talent” can save a poorly written story.

This book should work; it has action, characters that should be interesting but having so many characters speaking from their own first-person perspective ends up being nothing more than irritatingly distracting. It felt unnecessary and gave me the feeling that with each chapter a new book began, none of the characters really seemed to come together cohesively for me. For an author to take this approach with a story it must be exceptionally written and this story just is not up to muster for it.

I hate to say it but I won’t be making it past chapter ten, I just cannot bring myself to slog through the next forty-two chapters.

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